Certified Equine Massage Therapist

Certified REIKI Practitioner

Level 1 Certified Photonic Light Therapy

​Certified Animal Adjuster

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

LPE (Lympha Press Equine) Treatment-Sequential Compression Therapy

Wound care
Colic rehab
Post surgical care
Applied kinesiology
Full lay-up care & Isolation care at my boarding facility
Rehabilitation and recovery care for equine injury or illness
Retirement living and care for your aging horse
Equine Inn for short-term stays for horses on the road

Educational Speaking Engagements

My farm, Natures Rehab, is home to my own horses as well as home to a rehab facility I built to handle the special needs of horses undergoing short and long-term rehab.

Horses are meant to move, to graze and cover ground so rehab can be a critical time with many stresses both physical and emotional. When all the parts of the horse are taken into consideration and their body, emotions and mind are taken into account you have true holistic healing taking place.

At my facility I provide a customized approach for every horse that walks in the door. I work in partnership with your vet, ferrier and other professionals to find the right course of therapies and at my facility I can often provide services that are not easily done at a boarding facility or at home.

For horses in need of full stall rest I have a specially designed stall with a closed cell foam flooring that offers even, cushioned support and a clean surface for stall rest. Horses in this stall also enjoy a view of the outside and are never far from horses grazing outside.

Other features include an indoor wash rack, and an indoor arena, paddock areas as well as pasture are available for horses that can move around freely. For those horses that cannot graze freely, I provide daily hand walking as appropriate. and for those that need individual turnout that can also be accommodated.

More than a place for Equine Rehab

As an avid horse rider I enjoy offering clinics and educational opportunities for riders of all disciplines and skill levels. Throughout the year I invite you to keep up with Natures Rehab on our Facebook page where we aim to provide education about our therapies, horses, dogs, and of course fun photos and videos and some things that are just plain fun!

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Anke Lendeckel A Brief Look at Horse work on the ground and under saddle

ANKE Lendeckel Owner & Practitioner - Nature's Rehab

Anke Lendeckel-Founder, Owner and Practitioner at Nature’s Rehab, LLC-

I have been a horse lover and dressage competitor for more than 25 years, beginning in Germany and continuing on to the United States.   I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and a  Master’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Goettingen in Germany.

But my passion for learning never stops and I have continued to build on my knowledge and experience. My certifications include equine and canine  massage therapist, equine and animal adjuster, a Level 1 in the application of photonic therapy.  Most recently, I am thrilled to have added certification in REIKI which has proven to be a vital part of the therapies I offer.

In my practice I place an emphasis on holistic healing approach to aid animals in recovery from all types of injury and illness and has an uncanny ability to identify the core issue that is at the root of the symptoms being exhibited.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and a  Master’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Goettingen in Germany.
• Certification in Equine and Canine Massage Therapy from 
'Equissage" in VA
• Studied and earned a certificate in the application of photnic light therapy with Dr. Brian McLaren, of Australia www.advancedphotonictherapy.com
• Reiki courses 

Instructor in Equine and canine massage therapy at Schoolcraft College for the Equine Arts and Science Program