A few questions people have about working with Nature's Rehab:

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

I work by appointment so I can provide the one on one attention you deserve and devote all my attention to providing care. But, if help is needed please call. I will do my best to be there as quickly as possible.

How do I set an appointment?

Send a message by completing the form here, by private message on Facebook, or by giving me a call or text at 517.881.0262

I'm not sure what I need for myself or my animal, how do I find out?

If you aren't certain what modality is right for your situation that's OK! I'm here to help you from start to finish. We will start by having a conversation about what's going on and from there I will work with you to determine the best therapies. 

How often do appointments need to be scheduled?

Every situation is different. Athletes, whether animal or human can benefit from regular maintenance with massage or other techniques. Injuries may require intense treatment at first to aid in healing, and other may benefit from a single visit.

What if I can't travel to you?

No problem, Nature's Rehab can come to you! We are MobileSpa4You!

What are the hours for Nature's Rehab?

I don't have specific hours. I work by appointment and can accommodate evenings and weekends.