McClaren Photonic Light Torch

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Blankets by Sport Innovations for Horses and Dogs: 
Made in Germany of sturdy materials the blanket fits over the neck and body much like a standard horse blanket.
How does Magnetic Pulsed Therapy Apply to horses?
Magnetic fields that influence cells cause greater substance exchange which means an increase in blood and oxygen supply to muscles, joints, and other areas of the body.
The infrared images above show before use of the pulsed magnetic therapy blanket. The image on the right show the horse after use of the blanket. Note the intense change to the muscles.
The blanket looks much like a standard horse blanket. It fits over the neck and back and straps around underneath. A pack that operates the system sits on top.
The massage can be programmed for time and two events. The first event is the pulsed magnetic therapy, next is a light vibrational massage.

My horse suffered from Equine Recurrent Uveitus (ERU).  This condition can result in permanent blindness. Veterinary medicine said "there is no cure".  I was totally devastated when I turned to Nature's Rehab for help.  Anke treated my horse using Photonic Therapy. Today my horse's eyes are bright and clear!  I am eternally grateful to Anke and her astounding healing expertise.  

Dianne Bishop, Chelsea, MI

Doterra Essential Oils

What Equine Clients are saying about Nature's Rehab

As part of my natural therapies I provide essential oil,  aromatherapy blends, topical oil blends for massage and skin as well as internal use. I find that massage therapy can be enhanced through the use of specific blends of essential oils.

I chose dōTERRA for my essential oil work because 
dōTERRA has set the standard for high quality and purity. They are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, a rigid standard that allows these oils to be taken orally as well as used externally on the skin.

pulsed Magnetic Therapy Blankets and Wraps

This is one item you may want to have on hand for your animals and yourself! Nature's Rehab is proud to be an authorized distributor of this high quality product.

What is a Photonic Light Therapy Torch or Wand?
It is a a non-thermal low level laser made from an LED light. The torch produces stimulation at the cellular level. Photonic light therapy provides a drug-free treatment that promotes healing and helps to reduce pain. 
The red torch light is applied to standard acupuncture / acupressure points. When touched to the skin, the infra-red light waves penetrate beneath the skin releasing healing chemicals that work to repair cell damage.
What makes the Photonic Light Torch we Carry Special?
The Torch Nature's Rehab uses and sells is by McLaren USA. Each torch they make is held to the highest standards for quality. 
• Sealed 5-Diode LED Light
• Reliable Solid State Circuitry
• 660 nm range
• 4.5 volts
In tests against low cost alternatives the McClaren torch with new batteries was 10% more intense and, after 40 hours of use, 27% brighter.

In addition, wands are sold in a package that includes a DVD of thorough training that explains the application points as well as proper application times. Kits are available for Equine, Canine, and Human Photonic Therapy.

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