Other Specialized Services by Nature's Rehab

Working in cooperation with your veterinarian I may be able to assist you with wound care, colic rehab, post surgical care, applied kinesiology and rehabilitation care from injury or illness. Because each case is unique we will sit down and discuss what you need so an individualized plan with you and your vet can be put into place.

Educational Speaking Engagements

Horses can live a very long life - well into their 30's. So I consider it an honor, privilege and duty to help educate everyone who has an interest in horses and equids of all kinds about how we can best serve our animals with care that keeps them happy and healthy for all the years of their lives. I have many topics I can focus on and I can do hands on demos as well as Powerpoint talks. I love doing question and answer sessions - no question is too big or too small.

Below are details on the types of treatments I can provide. It should be noted that none of these are a replacement for veterinary care. They make an excellent addition to treatment for illness and injury as well as a great addition to a wellness program.

In fact, I am happy to coordinate with your equine vet at any point in time.

Equine Massage

​Like humans, horses have muscle, bone, ligaments, tendons.... Also like humans, horses can benefit from massage for the same reasons. Numerous studies point to equine massage as an excellent non-invasive mode because of the following benefits:

Pain reduction and relief - Massage can reduce muscle tension allowing the body to relax and heal strained or injured muscles. In time massage can also loosen scar tissue.

Improve Movement - By loosening tight muscles and connective tissue equine's who get massage can enjoy greater ease of movement. this makes equine massage an excellent addition to a regular program of health maintenance for horses that are athletic performers such as barrel racers, dressage, race horses, reining horses, roping horses, and horses that pull loads.

Improved Circulation - The compression and release of massage aid in promoting circulation in superficial areas of limbs. This can be very important for horses that require stall rest due to injury or illness, or during competitions.

Relaxation - A relaxed horse is a happy horse, and often a happy rider! During a massage visible signs of relaxation can be seen. Yawning and licking and chewing are signs a horse is releasing tension and relaxing. You may even see a horse lean into an area being massaged and drop their head.

Partnership and Trust - Horses are often quick to understand that massage makes them feel good. A massage session can be an excellent tool to help horses accept and enjoy touch and time with humans.


REIKI is an ancient therapy that originated in Japan. Like massage, REKI is a non-invasive therapy that helps to bring relaxation. Unlike massage, REIKI uses only a very light touch or hands are held just above the horse. It is an energy therapy and due to its gentle but effective manner, REIKI can be an excellent therapy for horses that may not be able to handle a full massage. REIKI is an energy therapy, it is based in the belief that energy flows through the body much like electricity flows through wires. When a wire is broken, blocked, or crimped electricity cannot flow easily or at all. It is the same for the energy in the body. Equine REIKI can aid in restoring positive energy flow and bringing back balance. It can helpful with a range of things from travel and digestive stress to pain - both physical and emotional. It can bring comfort to horses in need of relief from any of these.

​McClaren Photonic Light Therapy Torch

What is a Photonic Light Therapy Torch or Wand?
It is a a non-thermal low level laser made from an LED light. The torch produces stimulation at the cellular level. Photonic light therapy provides a drug-free treatment that promotes healing and helps to reduce pain. 
The red torch light is applied to standard acupuncture / acupressure points. When touched to the skin, the infra-red light waves penetrate beneath the skin releasing healing chemicals that work to repair cell damage.
What makes the Photonic Light Torch we Carry Special?
The Torch Nature's Rehab uses and sells is by McLaren USA. Each torch they make is held to the highest standards for quality. 
• Sealed 5-Diode LED Light
• Reliable Solid State Circuitry
• 660 nm range
• 4.5 volts
In tests against low cost alternatives the McClaren torch with new batteries was 10% more intense and, after 40 hours of use, 27% brighter.

In addition, wands are sold in a package that includes a DVD of thorough training that explains the application points as well as proper application times. Kits are available for Equine, Canine, and Human Photonic Therapy.​

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

How does Magnetic Pulsed Therapy Apply to horses?
Magnetic fields that influence cells cause greater substance exchange which means an increase in blood and oxygen supply to muscles, joints, and other areas of the body.
The infrared images below show before use of the pulsed magnetic therapy blanket. The image on the left shows the areas where blood flow is restricted. On the right you see the horse after use of the blanket. Note the intense change to the muscles and that now, blood flow is occurring more evenly. This bring oxygen and muscle relaxation, recovery and healing.
More information is available on the Equine Products page.

LPE Lymphatic Press Unit

​​LPE (Lympha Press Equine) Treatment-Sequential Compression Therapy

​The Lympha Press for horses is a leg wrap that works by applying pressure in sequence, from the farthest point on the limb towards the body. Essentially a 'wave' of pressure runs up the leg. It is a non-invasive therapy that resembles massage and it has been used in humans for decades to help reduce lymphedema. In horses the use of the LPE or Lympha press to aid with laminitis, in particular laminitis due to Cushings has been studied. This article from "The Horse" references the study and the positive results found.

Specifically designed for legs only which are difficult to massage due to lack of musculature
Brings lymphatic fluid back into the blood stream, against the pull of gravity
Repeated treatments have helped with cellulitis, contracted heals
Helps improve blood flow to the foot
Stocking up / over exertion