I focus on service: How can I best provide support to horses, dogs, and humans to help them achieve optimum health.

As part of that I began by becoming a certified massage therapist for horses and dogs. From there I have continued to study and work. Most recently I have obtained certification to provide REIKI Therapy which I use on animal as well as providing REIKI for people. My passion for providing support of wellness has also lead me to study equine nutrition and the basics of chiropractic adjustments and how they work. I also continue to study the use of essential oils for animals and humans.

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In addition to providing natural therapies another part of my mission here at Nature's Rehab is to be your resource for high quality products that can help improve your overall health, well being, beauty and quality of life.
Every product sold by Nature's Rehab is also used by Nature's Rehab on our very own animals or on myself. When it comes to implements such as the McClaren Photonic Light Torch and Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Blanket or pads I work only with original equipment manufacturers to ensure the highest quality on our products and the best possible pricing.
Because we have years of experience we can also be an educational resource for the products you purchase.Type your paragraph here.